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Every Student has a Story to Tell

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Graduation Ceremony

You can find inspiration from others but DETERMINATION is soley your responsibility.

~ Dodinsky ~

Our Graduates

Ryilee Frazee

IMG_1603 (1).jpg

What brought me to KLR Certified Billing & Coding Specialist School was hearing about it through my school coach, it was the second option at first BUT I ended up loving this class much more than I thought, I took this class at about the beginning of June and finished by the end of June.  I am from Kokomo, Indiana, and love crafts and painting. My process during this class was just doing what Ms. Katie said if you stay on track it keeps it pretty simple. My experience with Ms. Katie was amazing I was definitely nervous at first from what I was hearing about the class but she made it a very comfortable and fun experience and it easily became one of my favorite classes ever.  I enjoyed everything, I mean the notes could give you carpal tunnel but it helps a ton to have them and to keep up on them as well.  What helped me most during this class was all the notes and flashcards they definitely will help you a lot if you stay studied up on them and if you needed any help Katie was amazingly helpful as well. I plan on saving my certification because I plan on becoming a firefighter but I definitely would like to continue my knowledge in this subject because I think it is a good thing to have, my next goal is to wait until next fall and attend college to earn an associates degree in fire science and continue my educations/training.  

Cheyenne Brown


Not really where I should begin but here it is. I grew up in Indianapolis where I was born and raised. Growing up my father was an alcoholic and my mother was a drug addict who left me with my father. My father raised me and eventually stopped drinking and waited for my mother to stop doing drugs. I got pregnant when I was 14. I had him at 26 weeks and 2 days and he almost did not make it. He is my miracle baby. He is who inspired me to get into the medical field because he has a lot of health issues and I like to be up to date on everything. My dad was my number one supporter on everything I did. My mother finally got clean about 5 years ago when I told her she could not see her grandchildren anymore until she got help. Well December of 2020 she found my brother who had hung himself and she relapsed. 4 months after my brother died, she od and was unable to be saved. My father was devastated, and he could not handle the pain. He started drinking again. 5 months after my mother passed and the day before my 27th birthday last year my father and my middle child's father got into, and he ended up shooting and killing my father. I tried everything to save him and could not. So, me finishing school is something I always wanted to do to make my father proud and that's what I'm doing. The reason I chose coding and billing is because I feel like if I start on the bottom of the chain by time I reach the top, I will know a lot and school will be easier to get through. I have always struggled academically because no one in my family has graduated. Now I live my life to show my children that they can accomplish any goals in life that they wish to do. And to never give up no matter what life throws at you. Being in this course with you and listening to your story has given me even more hope that I can do this. I enjoyed being in your classes. Thank you for everything. Thank you for not giving up on me :) 

Lucia Pena


The reason that I decided to take the KLR Certified Billing and Coding specialist class is because I can apply to jobs to work from home. Having a child is hard looking for a babysitter here in Kokomo so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to have more time with my baby and take care of him. At first I was nervous that the class would have been very difficult because just by the name Billing and Coding specialist it sounds that it would be hard to find the codes on the books. Then when I started taking the class I started to realize that it was just all in my head because as the days passed, finding the codes on the books got really easy.

Everything great, the class and the teacher. The teacher is great at explaining this class and is very helpful when we have a question, she always has an answer. If I had the free time I used to have before I started to work I would most definitely take her other class which is the KLR Pharmacy Technician.

I will now use my Certificate to get a better job and start working from home so I can spend more time with my baby. I'm grateful for this class because I didn't know what I was going to do when I wanted to have another baby. Like I said I couldn't even find a babysitter for my 1 child I have I can't imagine with 2. My next goal is now to wait till my baby grows a little more so I can get a degree in this class to get paid even better. For now I will let time decide what will happen in our future. 

Brianna Stafford


The thing that brought me to KLR certified billing & coding specialist school was that I am currently enrolled in the excel center and I had to choose a certification in order to graduate and the only certification that interest me was this certification and I also chose this one because my mom took this same certification when she was younger, and she was telling me a lot about it so I wanted to try this class myself. My back story is I grew up with a not so supportive family and my dad is the only person in our family to really graduate high school. I am trying to be the next to graduate so I take after my dad, and I will also be able to be a role model to my child. I also have been downgraded by people saying I won't do anything in life so now that I have this certification, I can prove everyone wrong. When I first started the class, I didn’t think I would pass and that I would have to take the class all over again but the support from my teacher and coach has shown me differently and I’m so happy to have their support as I have never really had that in my entire life. I am from a not so wealthy family in the state of Indiana. The process in the class seemed overwhelming but the more we did stuff in class the easier it became. My experience with mrs. Katie was awesome because she was like another mom to me and she gave me all the love and support that I have always wanted from my own family. The things that I enjoyed about her class was that she was very detailed on stuff that you should write in your books to help you take your national exam and she made sure we had all the materials we needed for success. I also enjoyed doing projects and hearing guest speakers talk about their experiences with the field we are getting certified in. The thing that I am planning on doing with my certification is going to work in that type of field to be able to take care of my family to the best of my ability. My goals are to be able to be a better financially stable mother to my son and be able to support him in ways I never got with my mom.

Jamine Dixon


My name is Jasmine Dixon . I am a mother of three children and I’m from Richmond Indiana . I went to excel to graduate and that is how I got the opportunity to take the medical coding and billing course . The class was easier than I thought it would be, definitely stressful but very do-able . What helped me through this course was the little quizzes that were given it really helped me memorize a lot . As for Katie she did an amazing job supporting me throughout the entire course and was always there if It got challenging.

Maria Nava


My name is Maria Magdalena, I am 22 years old and I am from Memphis.  I was homeless at the age of 17 and ended up moving in with my then boyfriend and that is when I had to start surviving rather than living like any “regular” 17 year old. That being said I put my education to the side because of it and now 5 years later I will be graduating highschool with a Microsoft and Billing and Coding Certificate this Wednesday. At first I really wanted to do the Pharmacy Technician course but at the last minute switched it to BCS not realizing Katie and her team taught both. My experience was amazing, I pushed myself harder than ever before in order to learn all this information. I had never put so much energy into something that I found myself wanting to learn more on my own about what I could do with this certification. I plan on using my certificate to get a job at Le Bonheur Children’s hospital when I begin college in the springtime. I hope to gain more knowledge on Billing or simply just experience. Although I will be going to school to become a Mortician I know it will help me in the long run learning some medical terms beforehand. Who knows  I might just go for it and get my Pharmacy Tech certification as well now!

Ashlie Nicks

image (1).jpeg

I'm from South Bend Indiana and I attend The Excel Learning Center for Adults. To become a chef is my dream job and going back to school to get my high school diploma is my way into culinary school. I had to get through 5+ classes while attending The Excel Center, which I did. And at the end of it all I got to enjoy yet another great class with another great teacher being in the CBCS class with Katie. I loved being a part of the CBCS class. It was fun and very interesting. I had a teacher that loves what she does and doesn't mess around when it comes to her class. She wasn't too strict and she wasn't going to let you fail either. Although there was a ton of work to do every class we had, it was never nothing I couldn't handle. Everyone in the class was very helpful when it came to one another, very interactive for an online class. I'm glad to have taken this class, it made me want to look further into committing to this part of the medical field. I think every class on and off online needs a teacher like Katie, she's awesome. I had such a great time taking this class and learning things out of my element. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to furthering my education in CBCS. I will be looking for work through CBCS cause I wouldn't want what I learned to be for nothing, also it has caught my interest and I can't wait to find something remote. Thank you for having me in your class and thank you for always encouraging us and staying positive. It really does help when you have a teacher that actually cares 

Mackenzie Davis


I found out about KLR through my adult classes through the Christel House Dors South Program in Indianapolis Indiana when I was 18. I dropped out of school when I was 16 to keep my grandparents safe during Covid. I was a honors student and once I hit high school I got in with the wrong crowd and started throwing my life away. It took me a year to get my stuff together and finish my classes. I graduated from Christel house dors June 6th of 2022. I then started my class with KLR December 5th of 2022. I was very nervous that I would never accomplish anything in life and that I wouldn’t understand anything in this class. But it was actually so much easier because of the experience and amazing team that Katie has! I have absolutely loved having katie as a teacher, she is absolutely one of the most genuine and amazing people I have met. I don’t know if it’s weird to say but i genuinely have a spot in my heart for katie and her team. They’ve been so kind to me. I have to say the team is really what helped me the most, pushing to be my best at all times! I will be using my certification to get my foot into the medical field! 

Marisela Delgado


I am Marisela Delgado, I am from Colombia, and I attended The Excel Center West. I started my certification on December 5, 2022, this course was very educational, and  I learned a lot, I loved entering this field because it gave me a guide for what I want for my career. It was 8 weeks of long work, I made an effort but now that I got my certification, I am sure that it is worth every moment, I am very grateful to Ms. Katie Reigelsperger and her team, for their support. and all their learning techniques helped me a lot. My next goal is to get my associate's degree.

Gabriela Orozco


I got to know the KLR training school thanks to the Excel Center. I am currently a student. I started this certification on December 3. I want to start by saying that I was very hesitant to take this certification because I was afraid of not being able to achieve it, but I am a dedicated person and when I set my mind to something, I get it and I am very happy with KLR Training School for helping me achieve this, which means a lot to me and my Family in my country, Guatemala. I could not continue with the career that I like, but today I am achieving a step. I hope soon to get my High school diploma and get a position at IUPUI as a billing & coding specialist. I am very proud of myself, every effort has its reward.

Crystal Collier


I was referred to this class through the Christel House Dors Program. I enrolled in this program in December of 2022. I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am currently a logistics specialist at IU Health North Hospital. I have always been passionate about this field; however, I could never afford it nor did I know where to start when it came to enrolling in a program like this. When I first started the program, I was thinking to myself, "This will be easy." Then I met Katie on our first Zoom meeting and thought to myself, "I don’t know if this may not be for me," so like I always do, I hid behind work and life situations. But Katie was not going for that; she advised that I could study independently and that they would still be there every step of the way. And for those words, I will be forever grateful. The course was comprehensive, and each module was carefully crafted to allow us to fully understand the intricacies of billing and coding. Katie, her team, and the guest speakers were experienced and knowledgeable professionals who took their time to ensure that every student was able to grasp the concepts. The classes were interactive and engaging, and the instructors gave us plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get advice to make sure we understood the material. Yes, even for the independent study student, the whole team was only a text or phone call away. I plan to transition within IU North Hospital as a Patient Access Representative and go from there. I also plan to continue my education and earn more certifications. The KLR Certified Billing and Coding Specialist School was simply outstanding. It was an amazing learning experience, and I am confident that I am now well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of billing and coding. I am so grateful and thankful for this experience, and most of all, I now know that I can do hard things. It Stuck Katie Thank you incredibly much!

Charlotte Zell


I am 50 yrs old from mount Vernon Indiana, I started the class dec 5th 2022 , after I have lost my job at Toyota from my hands being restricted due to a work injury! I’m getting carpel tunnel surgery next month, other injuries were involved from. That job, had to change careers, so I took the class, I’m really glad I did, I had a great teacher and very good learning experience through Krl! I’m very thankful they made things easy to learn and was always there to answer and questions and guide there students to success! I am going to hopefully work at my local doctors office and eventually work from home, I now have a career instead of just a job! I’m so excited to start this new chapter of my life and hope to continue to keep learning as I go and get certified further! Thanks for everything!

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